Alfa Solar Enerji

Rising public concern over climate change and instability in electricity costs due to geopolitical conflicts are increasing the demand for the solar sector. Solar power has experienced a substantial growth rate globally over the last decades and generated enormous private investment and jobs. During this period, the cost of solar installation dropped significantly though supply …

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Evreka provides hardware and software solutions for waste management and recycling. Company offers a wide range of services with a sound technology base. Digital tools Evreka developed allow its customers to improve their sustainable waste management processes and optimize industrial processes. Their business model is a true example of intersection between digital and green technologies …

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Phononic Vibes

Noise pollution creates annoyance, sleep disturbance, affects cardiovascular and metabolic system. What’s more, it may cause heart diseases, premature deaths while leading to cognitive impairment in children. According to the WTO, after air pollution, noise pollution is the second environmental cause of health problems. In Europe, road traffic noise has significant impacts on the health …

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