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Evreka provides hardware and software solutions for waste management and recycling. Company offers a wide range of services with a sound technology base. Digital tools Evreka developed allow its customers to improve their sustainable waste management processes and optimize industrial processes. Their business model is a true example of intersection between digital and green technologies which enhances productivity of firms thoroughly.

It is noteworthy to mention that the company demonstrates an impressive export record. In a short period of time, Evreka expanded to foreign markets, attracted investments and experienced substantial steady growth. Their customer portfolio involves a wide range of institutions from the private sector to local governments and NGOs across the world. This global focus importantly enabled it to protect itself from unstable macroeconomic performance of Turkiye (depreciating currency, soaring inflation and weakening institutional capacity).

Waste management industry has high costs of labor and logistics. Services of companies like Evreka can bring enormous benefits to local markets because digitalisation of waste management allows to reduce these costs while creating skilled jobs opportunities. Trading waste is becoming a vital component of industrial processes as circular economy principles are being adopted widely in the world while digitalisation of waste treatment and management has been a growing sector in recent years. Hence, Evreka is in the right place at the right time. We would also like to notify the policymakers that integrated solutions with digital infrastructure, like those offered by Evreka, can particularly be effective to reduce the size of the informal waste sector.

Global waste amount are increasing as the global population increases and large economies experience economic growth and development. Urbanisation continues at an unprecedented rate. Cities are growing fastly in many parts of the world, making waste management even more vital to well-functioning economies. Market will experience increasingly higher demand as policymakers take more ambitious measures to tackle climate change and problems related to it. Therefore, we project that the company has a great potential to boost its revenues and investments in the coming years both in emerging markets and developed economies.


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